"Doc Shop» was the idea of a hospital in Texas. The program allows prospective patients must have talks with 5 minutes each physician OB-GYN about 12. It's free, takes about an hour, and even includes lunch. The comments come Shops Doc sent the e-mail database of the hospital, posted on Facebook and Twitter and advertising to local businesses. Since the program began in autumn 2009, there were four stores. Ten more are planned for 2010 and will include shops pediatrician . It's a bit like speed dating free dating - but perhaps more stable relationships. Because there are about 100 species of bacteria growing in human skin, a scientist at the University of Colorado Boulder had the idea of using the fingerprint as the bacteria. Everyone bacterial communities in their body that are unique to them. Because these communities do not change much, can be used for identification. After swabbing bacterial DNA from three keyboards, computer scientists have been able to match the bacteria on the edges fingers of the owners of computers. Bacteria can respond even after two weeks on surfaces. The future of bacterial recognition technology should be "bug-ass" forensic investigations. After 30 years, the army had the idea Upgrade fitness to adapt to the combat experience. bayonet exercises and run five miles is out. zigzag impulses and muscle development of the body is even more exercise is to strengthen the body, strength and agility. Over 10 weeks of basic training, there is a strict schedule of exercises which are held on different days, if the muscles can relax, recover and strengthen. Having their own soldiers for war and now is a good idea. the absence of war soldiers to move into a better idea. Good ideas to solve problems but to resolve certain issues - such as those caused by golf balls - requires more than just a good idea. On a golf course Northern Ireland is a crow had stolen golf balls. As the crow seemed to believe the balls were eggs, golf balls changed to yellow. The only golf course in the South Pacific island of Tonga, who don 'There is no penalty if a monkey steals your ball. The golf club golfers in Uganda to get a free drop if their ball into a hippopotamus footprint. Ideas like players to go "Ball-realistic.

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