I have played golf for years and have tried all sorts of aid payable swing and thousands of dollars in training and when a friend suggested that you can use golf training Swingyde, I gave him a skeptical look and muttered some funny comments from my teeth ! The very thought of trying another device that would turn me in some way "World a golfer Class" in a matter of minutes, just beyond a joke. Things became even more hilarious when you pulled this piece of yellow plastic and rubber band from his pocket and suggested I give it a whirl. Anyway, to cut a long story short, he spoke to me, that gives 5 minutes and a couple of my practice balls, telling me that I would be surprised by the difference in my swing after a few discs using golf aid Training Swingyde. So I got the reluctance Swingyde and attached to my golf club and headed towards the ground training holding a rubber band on the other side of me. My friend told me that the idea of Swingyde that keeps the arms and wrists in the correct position to maintain a perfect swing arc. The real advantage is that if you use a regular practice can help you develop the habit to keep their arms and wrists in the right place, even when Swingyde. Arriving at the cabin, and feeling a bit silly, I for some balls on the ground and got in position. First, I tried a few swings practice without the tire in place. I could not even myself can do in this little buttoned yellow bit of practice and thought that at least I would notice if I was not physically attached to it! But as I swung, I found myself too much emphasis on the position of Swingyde, rather than relax and allow him to guide me if my cradle. So I finally relented and joined the elastic band and I'm glad I did! The group helps to maintain the position Swingyde when you bring your hands over the crib, Swingyde falls exactly into place. I am reluctant to admit that this humble piece of plastic that could transform my swing is so fast, but I must say that I have not seen such improvement in my game Having a particularly bad day, slicing the golf ball around, I went to drive the ball straight for 200 meters - which is nothing less than a miracle for me! In my opinion, this little gadget is a god-send for players like me too since I went out and bought my Swingyde.

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