Every business needs a good marketing to promote products and increase its customer base. With companies changing strategies used to maintain our competitiveness, put your products in the yellow pages and print ads, is pretty good plus. Using the Internet is the key to reaching potential customers and to enter the international arena. A good way to promote your products and connect with your customers is to launch a marketing campaign via email. Here are the top 5 reasons to start one: Increased Sales Conversion No matter how good products or services, the majority of visitors who visit your website does not automatically buy the goods at the first visit. In fact, studies show that the average buyer does not buy property until ninth visit. Therefore, an effective sales process requires the element of repetition. It's like those times you buy a product at the supermarket after seeing it over and over again on television or when finally tried this restaurant you see on your way to work. To resume at its best. But unlike the brick and mortar business, they have their chance to convince suspicious customers, when visitors leave the site, chances are, you are gone forever. Otherwise, there are countless distractions site visitors encounter when surfing the Internet, which reduces your chances of selling your product to them. But when you email address, you happen to have a second helping promote your products by sending a monthly newsletter of your company, or to introduce new products and services. In short, do your e-mail, visiting site gives you a safety net and allows you to communicate with them, even if they have already left your site. Lead to repeat sales Acquiring new customers is difficult and expensive at the same time. In fact, it is ten times more expensive to attract new customers from the sale of existing programs. Should take into account the cost of advertising, education and the share of actual sales. Although we can not deny the fact that acquiring new customers is good for business, we can not overestimate the value of loyalty. Most times, companies have tended to focus its energies and resources to attract new customers and does not make efforts to maintain the old ones. Regular communication via e-mail to your customers, create sales again, which could be four times more efficient than the original purchase. Up-sell and cross sell products and services you want to know the fries and drink? Made billions McDonald 's of dollars every year just for the sale only. The right kind of e-mail marketing can help you up sell and cross sell products and services. For example, if you run a website that sells golf shoes, the client may also need a new golf equipment or a series of golf balls and other accessories golf. Some email marketing software can help you create a series of e-mail called auto-response which will automatically monitor e-mails about golf balls, golf gloves and preferences of buyers of golf shoes. This basic strategy can help you increase your profits by almost 30% and is used by almost all major online stores. Get valuable customer Guest Guest is an indispensable tool for any business, it helps the company determine: • How to enhance their products and services • • The target market and the amount of money in the market is willing to pay the difference from the face interaction where your customers tend to be shy and conscious email feedback to allow your customers to give honest and direct feedback and suggestions section. This can significantly improve your business processes. Encourage users to Web offline unexpectedly market, email marketing is often a vehicle for users to make purchases offline. According to surveys, 59% of email users can make purchases offline after an e-mail promotions. This is because customers can not wait for delivery, or perhaps because other issues, such as clothes and shoes that people prefer to try before you buy. Therefore, traditional stores may also use email marketing to increase traffic on their doorstep. The advent of online communication has made the world smaller and has given companies the opportunity to broaden their horizons and create more space for development. E-mail is still the online communication tool of choice and has stood the test of time.

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