Great Cleveland Clubs Golf Promotion Summer CG4 Iron Set + XLS HiBore Hybrid HiBore XLS + Price Wood Fairway 492 dollars. 99.Cleveland CG4 Iron Set the realization that you feel may be born poor, the CG4 ™ irons from Cleveland Golf are here to save your game. From its own CMM ™ metal, Cleveland Golf, the CG4 ™ irons have 17 times more carbon than traditional steel for greater shock absorption and is also 10% less dense which allows for 25 grams of weight to be distributed to areas with the greatest benefit. These two features work together to create a golf club that will give you a ball hitting experience you just had to feel to believe. The extraordinary gains obtained using the metal CMM, exacerbated by the design team. CG4 irons have a cavity back, which gives a large sweet spot for forgiveness on off hits added center. These irons also come standard with patented VAS Cleveland Golf ® technology to help further reduce the information does not désirées.Cleveland HiBore XLS HybrideDistance Driven Geometry: Distance Driven Geometry moves weight lower and deeper in the clubhead. This optimized CG location aligns the center of gravity projection (CGP) with the COR Hot Spot in the center of the face, resulting in optimal launch conditions and higher ball for greater distance totale.Transfert power base: A system engineering of thin lightweight titanium spines directs impact energy on the ball to create a more efficient transfer of energy and speed ball over haute.Full Face Performance: Alignment of sweet spot and COR Hot Spot produces optimal launch conditions over a large region of the face, maximizing ball speed for increased driving distance.Authenticité: To ensure the authenticity of the new series HiBORE XLS, toe the graphics will change from white to yellow in daylight or under conditions UV.Cleveland HiBore XLS Fairway Wood with tradition HiBORE XLS channel gratuiteLe is 19 percent higher than the original HiBORE channel, making it the largest Cleveland Golf always face a wooden pathway. By dramatically increasing the hitting area, results on mis-hits have dramatically amélioré.24 percent larger head volume than the original HiBORE channel increased MOI more stability and very specific plans. larger size makes it look very hittable and creates slightly more spin to get the ball in the air easier.

Discount Golf Clubs Cleveland CG4 Iron Set + XLS HiBore Hybrid HiBore XLS + Price Wood Fairway 492 dollars. 99 http://www. golfwholesalestore. com/goods-546-Cleveland + CG4 + Iron + + + + HybridHiBore SetHiBore XLS + XLS + Fairway Wood. html

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