The rules of golf are very complicated and not very easy to read. There are many books which explain the rules, but should set aside a few hours to face.J »detailed below are the most common" inadvertently broke 'the rules on the golf course. It should be a good starting point for anyone new to the game creates golf.Il Penalty & FreeLorsque drop a ball and a free fall is long association and a reduction of sentence is two lengths bâton.Vous must return the ball to the nearest point of action is not nearly the ball trou . Si you is a shrub to get a penalty drop two club lengths of where your ball if it puts you always in the bush, then take one of two other options available to you. You can go online with the ball and your flag as you want (one penalty stroke). Or you can go back and play where you play your last shot. (One stroke penalty). If your ball over a bridge spanning the risk of not get a free fall, if there is a rule of exhaustion of this course, you must play the ball lies or take a drop pénalité.Si can not find your ball, you can not go back and play a provisional ball playing partners you to continue searching for your ball home. You can not play a provisional ball after leaving the last place you played your move. If you go back and play a second ball in the ball game, even if you or your partner plays the original find your ball after you play the second ball of the ball finished hole. coup.bassins with fine trees is not a free fall, if not on the board in accordance with rules following locales.RisquesLes details difference of color themes and white means that signifient.des protest outside the boundaries and should return to where it last played the ball and you make another move (one penalty stroke). pegs yellow danger in the playground, you three options: 1. Play the ball lies, no reason for your club or touch or remove any residue i. e. twigs stones etc2. Take an online entry point and lower the flag and the more souhaitez.3. Return to your last played coup.Les your options 2 and 3 will cost you a hand pénalité.piquets red side "water" risk (not always with water) you have five options choisir.1. Play the ball is, no reason for your club or touch or remove any residue i. e. twigs stones etc2. Place a ball at the entry point of the risk (two lengths club) is not close to trou.3. Toss a ball the other side Risk equidistant from trou.4. Take an online entry point and lower the flag and the more souhaitez.5. Return to your last played coup.Les your options 2, 3, 4 and 5 will cost you pénalité . Si shot you see your ball go to a risk that can not play a provisional ball. You must follow these rules for the yellow stakes or rouges.Si your ball is in a bunker sand is a machine made mark or footprint need not freefall. The refuge is at risk and the rules are the same as betting at risk, except if the ball is in water at a shelter, you will get a free drop, but should not remove the warehouse closest trou.VertUne ball can be removed and cleaned from the green to give the position of the ball before it is made levé.Si you or your caddy brand the ball on the green in the wrong position, i. e. it is directly behind the ball will incur a penalty of two strokes cérébrauxVous plugs can repair the damage done and the impact of the ball on the green if your ball is in green. Any other damage must be repaired as it can help you play ultérieures . Ne do not know the rules of golf is not an excuse, if you break the rules, then you must give the stroke penalty is necessary. If you are unsure about what to do, playing in a competition, you play a second ball and made two departments and committee rules the day will bring judgment.The above only touches the rule book and will become more involved in game, you need to read all the rules, especially if you intend to play at a competitive level.

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