Bittersweet is the best way I can describe seeing another hole-in-one. Today, repairing leaking testosterone, I saw my friend Dudley hit one of the ugliest eight irons in the history of golf and # 11 Peter Fairways, a 148-yard 3, para. The ball went low and left to right hairpin. It hit the very edge of the green and bounced right (Stone Fairways are, after all), controlled and led all the way across the green and fell into trou.Ne me wrong, I'm really excited Dudley. Will Slap a bit to get him from paralysis. He took the basket, got the green and led by the hand to the pin to get the ball from the cup. Doing so the ball kept isolated from all the balls less mystical, and proudly cooked in the 19th trou.Mais thinking during all this time, really, really a hole-in-a my même.Il one of these things are Most golfers want to do at least once in their lives. I'm not obsessed with him, but was on my list for some time and not just produire.J always believed that if you have a goal, albeit with a specific project, the subconscious will determine how a way to get there . Today, most often works quite well for me, but apparently my subconscious has no idea what a hole-in-one, or how. There is no subliminal idée.Mon is absolutely clear on this double enemies and enemies are, has a deep knowledge of what is "snowman" is (this is an 8 for those who see small numbers on your card), even a vague idea of what birdies and pars. But a hole-in-one is so foreign to my mind, I am afraid I am ninety me before captures.On my subconscious told me long ago by a student of Tony Robbins, as a pre-program your subconscious, it write your goal in positive form. Well, in my wallet is a little tattered yellow-mail note. Reads the words scrawled "I hit a hole-in-one." After 10 years of toting around this little paper that I want to hole-in-one and nothing written on the ticket, Lotto jackpot will "go insatisfaits.Il It is true that I have slightly decreased my chances of winning the jackpot on not to buy lottery tickets, but I played a good game of golf and there were many opportunities for magic produire.À this stage, I consciously endeavor to make a hole-in-one all in one réalité.Si club was clean card Dudley credit is dry, I asked myself what is the secret to achieving this heroic feat. Did he sees now, you're hypnotized, the card Checking astrology and wait until the planets align, praying to the gods of golf... What has to do the impossible!? He said nothing, with a smile on his face, took his wallet and inside was a small yellow post-note, this issue has been written the words "will hit a hole-in-one." subconscious and I do not talk to him.

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