It's a good day today. Wearing bright yellow shirt my golf, I'm going to know my daughter - a golf hole ahead of me. There goes the square. Right in the middle of the road for the number two hole. The last time I was here, disappeared in the store right next to my favorite ball placement. I missed my golden opportunity to meet him at the time. I pull the ball hung on the opposite side of the runway. You will find some holes down. number 3 down, and would the chassis number 2-T-shirt at the same time. Maybe it will impress a beautiful road, straight and well below the channel. Worst case, would be another hook along the road at this time. I wonder if they will stop and watch me steal the trees meet green? Here we are. I see that move on the number three landed on the left side of the channel. I started out this puppy and let him pass. If I'm going to impress, has the time comes. This bright yellow shirt on the golf course, it is possible that I would not mind. I'm sure I'll be out. This is a golden opportunity for me. Great golf shot goes here! Fly well out of sight! Final look over the ball and rollers. Wow I think I did it! All I have to do is proudly walk in the middle of the channel. I feel like a pro with the yellow shirt on the golf course, turn to the Masters. Now all I have to do is keep a straight face, as if it were routine, and walk on the left side of the medium. It brings a little more closely without having to shout to say hello. I'd better find out what to say, just in case my congratulations to a golf shot from Nice. Oh great! Tapped so far. The quartet is in front of me screaming and waving. I completely forgot to wait until they are marginalized. What a pity it is? I'm the only golfer in my group for navigation. All my friends are golf across the channel. How trying to impress someone with a great golf shot, only to discover, the shot almost hit someone? This is not good. What is worse? I think parents are walking my way. Great! Go parents! Just in time! My friends need a hand across the aisle looking for a stray bullet! I wear a nice shirt extra, just in case it rains. I think we need to change this bright yellow golf shirt on the opposite side of the runway. The first print will have to wait. If you're free, do not waste your time on the game or something, the exercises are good for your health. Now go find your daughter! The love child of nine years' Seven Ways To Approach Women copyrights held by Ebayoyo. com

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