When you play golf you must follow certain rules. The rules are more fair, but some are poorly understood. Golf is a game where a ball struck with a club on site preparation, known as field "T". Take the starting area. Most golfers know that the width of the zone defined by the indicators and the depth is two clublengths. You can tee the ball from anywhere in the imaginary rectangle, and even take your place abroad. But you can not stand inside the rectangle, and t the ball outside. If your ball falls off the tee, or if you hit before you configured correctly for the shot, you can replace it without penalty. But if you miss swing and then fell accidentally, you should take a penalty stroke. And even if the ball is not moving, airshot your account. If you think your ball may be lost, you can play a 'provisional'. But we have to declare this property to your partner in. If not hit the second ball automatically become a game in the first presumed lost. In that case, you can now play your third shot, because the penalty for a ball lost time, greater distance. If after five minutes you can not find your ball, continue to play a provisional, after suffering a stroke. However, if you find the root ball, remove the temporary and have not had a stroke lost. When a ball or touches a water hazard (marked by yellow stakes), or lost in one, you have three choices. 1. Play the ball is, if possible. 2. Replay strike your original post, adding a penalty stroke. 3. Go as you want before you fall, keeping the point where the ball last crossed the margin of risk between you and the hole - Add stroke penalty. A line of flight is not significant - when the ball began its options risk is the same if your ball goes into a lateral hazard (red stakes marked by), but there are two more that should be taken into consideration. The first option would be to fall into two clublengths when the ball cross danger mark last but not nearer the hole. The second, more obscure, the solution is to reduce both clublengths an item from the other side of the hazard, equidistant from the hole. Many people spend a point on the opposite side of the risk. But if the risk along the side of the channel will be at an angle to the green. In this case, a position equidistant from the hole will not necessarily just in front of the original entry point. Stand with hands outstretched - or at right angles to your body - and the ball vertically from the shoulders.


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