Golf has always hitherto been regarded as a sport played only by the elite, but in recent years and its popularity is spreading among people more and more. Positive factors are numerous, for example, is relaxing and beneficial, without risk to health and virtually no cons-term, need not sport, but a little stretching before playing or training, you can spend several hours in outdoors and suitable for all ages, there are schools where children as young as 5 years and there is no upper age limit for the practice. Golf courses generally consist of 9, 18, 27 or 36 holes, because a round of golf usually takes place over 18 holes. Each hole consists of different areas, some are always present, while others have difficulties that exist only in certain holes, and thus defined the obstacles. The starting area (EBA) is an area with closely shaven grass, from which golfers leave the game on a hole. Players must succeed for the first time in front of or behind piles special: go up or the risk of stroke penalty may be canceled. From this point the ball is generally covered with a special tool called a T-shirt, which consists of a small piece of wood or plastic that sticks to the ground. In each hole, there are many areas which begins for both men and women who are on average smaller projects have long had an advantage, moreover, departures are back for professionals and amateurs. The construction of the golf course should keep in mind the overall design of the hole potential barriers. Several holes have some hurdles to make the game more difficult but also very persuasive. There are bunkers, usually on the sides of the fairway or putting green in front, which hinders the production is full of sand. obstacles in front of the water, indicated by yellow stakes or side instead marked with red stakes are rivers, seas, lakes, streams and deep lakes, but empty, which is always difficult to play and it is common to lose a ball. You can play against a risk of water, but without touching the ground before taking the picture. If you prefer to shoot the ball outside the barrier or if the ball is lost in the barrier, you can return the ball, according to certain rules, under penalty of one stroke. An important point is that the site putting green, a small area of grass more, where there is a hole in the flag. The channel is a large area consisting of a small grass that is easy to play the ball. Normally, it extends just beyond the starting area until you approach the green of the hole, and horizontally for a few tens of meters. On both sides of the channel is rough, or very tall grass, it is difficult to play the ball, which is defined to punish players who do not fly. The fairway of hole is not always right: it can turn right or left in the pit, defined as a dogleg. By Martina Meneghetti supported by Country Club course for more information, please visit the golf course or the management of golf more information visit

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