"I know a way and if he says PRATIQUE.Bien I was also wondering if the P with a circle around it means it is a ball in practice too much? I think so. Though I'm sure! And then, a golf ball means that a practice is a yellow ball or just for people like me who still have a hard time finding our golf ball? My father said it would be for people who play winter could land in the snow. Is this true? Thanks in advance for answering my questions to the best of abilites.Joel you: Chances are, if not a true golfer will not play in the snow. On several occasions, at least a hole is near the area training, and generally use balls response jaunes.Ma: So Joel, you not say, balls practice, but can be used for the game without destroying your game? Although it could be used to snow game, so if you do this time? And most chains use driveing. Correct? Oh, and my name is Joel. great name!

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