The new series has iwi adjustment putter in your hands. Rather than change Putters, just change the weight to your desired direction. Want more mass towards the heel or toe, according to the time you enter a 20 - or 28-weight iwi gramme.Chaque tungsten putter in the series comes standard with two 12-gram weight of stainless steel and only two piece 304 stainless steel insert elastomer / make you feel and performance of the PING Putters for about 50 years. Available in six models and feel iwi populaires.Look new putter series Craz-E is a face balanced putter made hammer cast 17-4 stainless steel body with a head weight of 370 grams. The putter Craz-E also has two pieces of stainless steel insert to face with a back elastomer, which, according to Ping provide performance steel face and reply with a softer feel. "All Putters come under a standard two iwi weighing 12 gram stainless steel sole, but can be exchanged with the optional (sold separately), weight kit with two 20-gram tungsten weights and two 28 - g included in the kit, which can give you a maximum of nine possible combinations of weight. Alignment system puts Optigraphic which is described in two yellow stripes and a white band alignment, which makes it very easy to align putts. Your champagne finish anti-glare the putter head, the Craz-E is a traditional look you'd expect from Ping, while yellow and black Winn grip reminded me a bit like a bee. Not to worry, you can always order a different outlet, if not issue shares. performance I was really excited to try the Ping iwi Craz-E, because I wanted to see if I add two pieces of stainless steel with the elastomer side support could really make a person more sweet and delicate. When I went to my first line of putt than 10 feet, I immediately noticed how easy it was to align the putt with the system alignment Optigraphic raised. And later putts of varying length, the alignment system has worked incredibly use.The feel putter Ping iwi Craz-E was surprisingly sweet and high degree of readiness. I could not believe how satisfying steel insert two pieces of elastomer / place in my putts. The ball is smooth and effective role at a time with every putt I tested with the putter Craz-E. I must confess I was a bit skeptical that the introduction could be double if sensibles.Un Another key element of the series of iwi Putters Ping is the ability to change the standard output of 12 g stainless steel with optional weight kit weight. The line of Putters iwi raised, because the weight in the heel and putter toe, is to adjust the weight distribution, you can change the direction of the putter. The weight kit allows you to change the standard weight of 12 grams, with two 20-gram tungsten weights and two 28-g, which increases the headweight 16 grams or 32 grams. Change your weight is very easy to do, simply use the included key to unscrew and replace poids.Au during the tests, I used the inserts 12 -gram at most, but when I started to notice that I missed too many putts to the right, I just exchange information on the weight of 12 grams to 20 grams of tungsten insert in the end to keep the putter square face.Le only downside to The putter Ping iwi Craz-E, is the fact that the weight kit sold separately for $ 70. I think the weight kit should be included in the price of the putter rather than as separate accessories.

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