The HiBORE XLS Hybrid is designed for optimal launch conditions. Distance Driven Geometry aligns the seriousness Hot Spot of the person you hit more powerful and accurate as possible. Energy wood core transfers energy transfer efficiently to swing your ball speed higher leading to greater distance from the tee. With Full Face Performance, Sweet Spot and COR Hot Spot for aligning improved launch conditions over a wider area of the face for maximum forgiveness and ball speed maximum.Distance Driven Geometry: Distance Driven Geometry moves weight lower and further deeper into clubhead. This optimized CG location aligns the center of gravity projection (CGP) with the COR Hot Spot in the center of the face, resulting in optimal launch conditions and higher ball for greater distance totale.Transfert power base: A system engineering of thin lightweight titanium spines directs impact energy on the ball to create a more efficient transfer of energy and speed ball over haute.Full Face Performance: Alignment of sweet spot and COR Hot Spot produces optimal launch conditions over a large region of the face, maximizing ball speed for increased driving distance.Authenticité: To ensure the authenticity of the new series HiBORE XLS, toe the graphics will change from white to yellow in daylight or under conditions UV.Loft 16 Grade: Lie: 59 degrésLongueur: 41 poucesSwingweight: 19 Grade D2Loft: Lie: 59. DegrésLongueur 5: 40. 5 poucesSwingweight: 22 Grade D2Loft: Lie: 60 degrésLongueur: 40 poucesSwingweight: D2Loft 25 Level: Lie: 60. DegrésLongueur 5: 39. 5 poucesSwingweight: D2Loft 29 Grade: Lie: 61 degrésLongueur: 39 poucesSwingweight: ell D2Garantie manufacturer of Roger Cleveland Cleveland Golf began producing and selling golf clubs in 1979, Cleveland Golf started as a company known for producing excellent replicas of classic golf from the 1940s and 1950s. Now owned by SRI Sports Ltd, the company considers one of the forerunners in product innovation; HiBORE XLS produit.Description Hybrid features more offset than the original HiBORE hybrid, promoting a square face on the effects of directional control and the state unprecedented

Cleveland HiBore XLS Hybrid 98 sales dollars. 99 this summer, more info on http://www. golfwholesalestore. com/goods-341-Cleveland HiBore XLS + + + hybrid. html

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