Cleveland HiBore XLS shipping timber on the website www. golfshoppingshop. comL'arbre stock wood HiBORE XLS fairway is the venerable Fujikura Fit-On with the requirements appropriées.24 more head volume than the original HiBORE channel increased MOI for greater stability and very specific plans. larger size makes it look very hittable and creates slightly more spin to get the ball in the air easier. Distance Driven Geometry ™ moves weight lower and deeper in the clubhead. This optimized CG location aligns the center of gravity projection (CGP) with the COR Hot Spot in the center of the face, resulting in optimal launch conditions and higher ball speeds for greater overall distance. Energy transfer system corean construction of a fine lightweight titanium spines directs impact energy to the ball to create a more efficient energy transfer and the ball at higher speeds. Full Face PerformanceAlignment of sweet spot and COR Hot Spot produces optimal launch conditions over a large region of the face, maximizing ball speed for increased driving distance.Le XLS face is quite wide and low profile. Those who like to use fairway woods from the tees tend to prefer the best face.Le logo on the toe, as you can see here, has changed from white to yellow sunlight, which means that there is a knock-plate off.La Crown is to strengthen the alignment, but I prefer closer to the clubface. However, for a wood channel is probably a bien.Brillant! The cap is EZ Grab feature large, but has a good contact to facilitate the achievement of coverage. A second recorded is saved ... HiBORE seconde.Le XLS one channel is 19 percent higher than the original HiBORE channel, making it the largest agreement ever in Cleveland Golf to a wooden pole. Increased drastically hit region, have effects on the poor success improve dramatically.

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