Thank Features Nike SQ Sumo 5000 Driver SUMO SQ geometry, the strategically located center of gravity gives you the freedom to work the ball and laugh in the face, even the most sadistic course designers. ---------- Atonement hits the heart with tighter shot dispersion. ---------- The deep facial features and rounded Nike PowerBow design offering the best choice in performance, allowing you to hit it long and straight, or shape the gameâ € ™ s best players. ---------- Design Nike PowerBow strategic positions weight in the clubhead to optimize location of CG. Accepted by players at all levels, PowerBow presented as a true innovation that leads to results in longer and more accurate. ---------- IDiamana thread yellow sign from Mitsubishi is the quality of travel and are weighted specifically to maximize performance from Flex. Three levels of weighting (55g L-flex and Flex-A? 65g R-flex and Flex-O, for 73g X-Stiff flex) correspond to decline to give players optimum distance and accuracy has Nike SasQuatch Sumo2 5900 driver $ 129 with free shipping with SUMO 2 SQ 5900, Nike engineers have pushed MOI volume and impact efficiency to USGA limits, all in a club. The result is straight, longer, more accurate driver Nike has ever done. Key Features: SQ Sumo 5900 Geometry 2: Nikki pushed the shape in all directions to improve performance. The SQ SUMO 2 5900 has a better appearance, a convex crown, and redefined body shaping to increase ball speed and accuracy. Nike PowerBow Weighting: Weight is repositioned to the farthest design PowerBow Nike, optimizing head stability and issues with absolute precision. Multi-thickness of the coating: Victory geometry stability, trees for control and speed, and now we have optimized the entire face to maximize faster ball speeds from every point of the face. Loft Hand Length Size 8. 5 45. 75 460cc RH 9. 5 45. 75 460cc RH / LH 10. 5 45. 75 460cc RH / LH 11. 5 45. 75 13 45 RH 460cc. 75 460cc RH 45 hl. 75 460cc HR

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