The game of golf courses oldThe invented in the 15th century kingdom of Fife, situated on the east coast of Scotland. At the time, they have not used bullets well done, and the fancy clubs, made do with sticks and stones. And their journey has been shaped by Mother Nature, with the help of local wildlife. Golf at the time consisted of sheep trails, sand dunes, and warrens. The days stageThese designing golf courses designed by people who were designing golf courses for a career. And with the help of modern equipment, will reshape the landscape to make this vision a reality. The golf courses are designed to be played and enjoyed by people of different skill levels. There are roads that are on the way for advanced players as well as routes for the less qualified. Allowing players of different ability to be able to complete the game easily, or at least without too much frustration. When a golf course was designed in the first step is to create a structure based on the paper. In this mode, each golf course is carefully calculated. Then, the design is transferred to a CAD (Computer Aided Design), the system in a computer. This allows easy manipulation of the design to achieve the desired end result. Physical buildThe first part of the actual construction process is to remove the bottom up in the region of course. Subsequently replaced by the specific composition of the soil for different areas of education. For example, putting greens require top soil consists mainly of sand, which increases the flow of water. Hills and Appetizers - describes the design contoursThe View map / where the mountains and hollows / hollow appears on the golf course. These profiles are shown in real life by placing the posts. These messages are marked with different colors. The different colors of red, blue and yellow. Posts with red rings for those in enclosed area will be cut to form a hollow. Yellow seats ringed out on the slope of dip / hollow, and the blue ringed positions represent areas that must be met to produce the hills. The rings on the poles back height / depth in meters and a half. The soil removed during the first phase of construction is used to create the course. Drainage System, installing a sewerage system is the next step. This is needed otherwise we will soon have a course unplayable, because the areas of training are the rain and perhaps dipped swamp. In addition, an appropriate drainage system in place: the course playable all year round. The installation of the sewerage system is a gigantic vehicle, which performs three tasks during the installation process. It uses a series of rotating blades to dig a trench 75 cm, the excess soil is transported on a conveyor belt and fell into a dump truck rolled over on its side. A flexible PVC pipe inserted into a trench, and finally a layer of gravel placed on top. Planting grassGolf need different types of grass for different areas to get the desired result. For example, the position green smooth surface is required, which also has a higher drain from other areas of education. The grass used on the green grass called bent and soil from the top contains a large amount of sand to increase the amount of drainage. This has resulted in the grass and ground together by a very thick and smooth. Keep grass healthyTo keep the grass healthy, providing a comfortable surface and reproducible, automatic irrigation system is installed. They are usually associated with a meteorological monitoring station, which will be able to tell the automatic irrigation system when it needs watering. The irrigation system here allows for a long time, when rain occurs, such as rainwater when it falls, collected from lakes and rivers along the route, ready to begin receiving a wealth of golf balls Lake inadvertently introduced by the players providing backup means of providing water for the grass.

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