Check out these yellow golf balls images:

Golf 2
yellow golf balls
Image by [Topguy]
I'm not playing golf, I'm just hitting a small white (or yellow) ball around on a green field trying not ot loose it.

Dinner - Day 278 of Project 365
yellow golf balls
Image by purplemattfish

I was a bit busy today so this is my backup shot.

I'm currently working on a job for old school friend, and as I ended up working late this evening and he invited me back home for some dinner cooked courtesy of his mother.

They are a family with Pakistani cultural roots and his mother seems to be able to summon a banquet of food at a moment’s notice. The main course was stir fried pickled vegetable with noodles (pictured) along with a chicken mince and green chilli dish. The sweet was a traditional Indian sweet which consisted of a yellow ball (the size of a golf ball) with a slightly crumbly texture that tasted of mild sweet aromatic coconut, it was very nice even though it's very difficult to describe!

As a surprise his sister in law had also rustled up a “Boston cream sponge” which whilst perfectly edible was difficult to finish as I was stuffed after the main course!

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