Some cool yellow golf balls images:

31:365 Ball and tees
yellow golf balls
Image by mattbeckwith
Thanks Adam and Jon for the inspiration tonight.

Shot with 60mm macro lens f/4.5. Shot at 1/15.

Shot on a blank piece of paper (thanks Redboy for the idea) with new flash (430EX II), bounced off the wall to the left of the subject, with diffuser.

yellow golf balls
Image by dandeluca
This is the craziest thing -- these mushrooms sprouted out of the little crack between the cement floor and the metal plate under my front door. Last night they were little yellow nubs, I thought they were just stray packing foam bits blown in under the gate. (I have my own entrance on the street, with a little vestibule between the gate and the front door -- that's where these guys are.) Then this morning there were these three big mushroom caps, each bigger than a golf ball. And they look kind of ominous too, definitely not eating mushrooms, I'd say.

Eggs in Yellow Basket
yellow golf balls
Image by HKmPUA

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