If you are the type of golfer who always has a wedge or a club in your hands when you are green? Know that there is a much better way to get on the green closer to the hole? The best thing you can do when you're in the room or not far from the green chip with 7, 8 or 9 iron. The top three tips to help you play better chips around the green. The first board has to do with your installation. The most important part of hitting a good chip shot to the green is set correctly. Now, as you would in full swing in the position you want to bring the club to address the range of your target. It's like an extension of a putt to take the time to read and to choose the right line. So, you want your weight around 60% on your foot forward and you want to use more body and less hands on the chip ball. The second of the escalation of advice is to practice the program again and again. When first working on getting the base game and the basis of race should see the ball pop up on the floor just a bit and run towards your target. Once you get an idea of setting up and running, you want to perform many different tasks to get an idea of the speed of the ball and how it will roll for you. The last trace of advice is to press your hands before and make sure your hands lead to wide shot. One way you can do all that and get better is to take one of the fiberglass poles that you see others with the range of all time (usually orange or yellow) and put at the end of your club in the hole of the handle . Now they say that in front of your body and do not allow you to open your part. This will help you achieve a stronger position and a good chip shot.

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