Golf is an outdoor game played in a vast land called golf. The stadium is scheduled to nine or eighteen holes. Players use many types of clubs known as woods, irons and Putters to hit balls. The golf course is named in different ways depending on the location of the holes. The original site is part of the golf course at the beginning of a hole where the player strikes the first blow and can be made from grass cut short to avoid interference with the Lie ball. This section is referred to as "T" or "box T-shirt." The original site adjacent to a pair of tee markers. When the player is in the starting area in front of the hole, the edges than the tee markers to designate the left and right front side of the tee. The depth of the starting area is about two lengths of the stick. The golf course has six or more sets of tee markers are color coded to differentiate the distances from the hole. - Blue or black tee markers always downgrade the biggest film of the hole and generally used by professional players males and low-handicap championship tournament. - The white tee markers used by golfers to them moderate or major disability. The white shirt is in the middle of the championship and ladies T-shirt. - The yellow and red tee markers used for coloring competitions, they're behind the white tees and is used by women to strike when the white shirt front. The indices of the last tee to provide the earliest film. - The green indicators used by T junior golfers and costs hitting yards and less than the red tee markers. The waterway is part of the golf course which lies between the tee makes the land and the green near the hole. The grass surface for navigation is shortened and there is a view as to knock off. Crude is part of the golf course between the fairway and green grass clippings creating high difficulties to hit the ball to settle in this area. Professional golf is usually able to drive the ball in the first shot at the zero point directly to the green and the other three holes. The holes are above the parking lot three holes, allowing the player to play another shot from channel or rough. Golf is sometimes a curved path is the hole by the view from the position of the original box. If the path turns left, the left called "dogleg" right "right dogleg." If the path turns left and right, called "double dogleg." The risks are places on the way the golf course with standing water, thick growth of shrubs and sand traps. During the reading of these troublesome areas, the reader should not touch the surface of land or water with his club before hitting the ball. Putting green is the green grass near the hole. The ball rests in this area depends on the putter, so as not to leave the territory before entering the hole. Measurements of the size of the cup 108 mm diameter and 10 cm. The position of the cup is changed frequently by the custodian of the green to minimize damage to the grass surface.

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